TEXNOPLAZM is a fast-paced and brutal first person brawler/FPS hybrid that uses three different movesets based on whether you’re using fists, melee weapons or guns.

Taking place in the same universe as GHOSTWARE: Arena of the Dead, TEXNOPLAZM’s world is a place where advanced magic works like technology. You are the Girl With No Name – who has no memory of her past, but is very adept at combat of all forms. It also seems that there are a LOT of people out to get you!

The combat in TEXNOPLAZM is fast paced, but also satisfyingly tactical. You can switch between three different combat styles (fists, melee weapons and guns), each of which has their own strengths and unique movement abilities. It’s an interesting concept that does take a little time to get to grips with (you may end up using the wrong skills accidentally), but is a lot of fun when you get the hang of it and offers a nice amount of variety and depth. A brawler FPS that requires thought and planning to dispatch your foes!

Download The TEXNOPLAZM Alpha Demo Here (Windows)