Text Based Multiplayer Shooter strangely enough is exactly what the title suggests, even stranger is the fact that it actually works rather well!  Deathmatches (or Team Deathmatches) may not be fast, but they’re certainly frantic and fun, with players typing out commands as fast as possible.

Typing skills are definitely an advantage here, both in speed and accuracy, a misspelled command can mean the difference between life and death.  Commands will be familiar to anyone who has played a text based adventure before, but you can always type ‘help’ to be reminded of them.

The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, with plans to add more game modes (including co-op, duel and capture the blip), wallpapers and some ‘highly detailed and descriptive worlds with some walls to look at’.

Vote for it on Greenlight HERE

Play the Prototype HERE (Just type ‘help’ if you get stuck)

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