Text Wormhole – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

Text Wormhole is a super tough and super addictive minimalist bullet hell dodge ‘em up in which you attempt to go from A to Z without colliding with any of the wrong letters.

The gameplay in Text Wormhole is fast, frantic and lots of fun, with you attempting to weave your way through dynamically generated waves of letters and collect the letter that matches your current one. You start as a letter ‘A’ and attempt to work your way up through the entire alphabet. The player that makes it through the entire alphabet in the shortest time is then crowned the world champion. Good luck even getting halfway through the alphabet though – it’s a VERY tough game!

It may just be letters flying across the screen, but Text Wormhole’s letter swarms are a delight to see in motion. Combined with the adrenaline-pumping soundtrack and frantic bullet hell letter dodging it makes for an intense and very addictive experience that has that all important ‘just one more go’ factor. A super cool bullet hell letter ’em up.

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Text Wormhole – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway!