Thank Goodness You’re Here! – Beta Demo

Thank Goodness You’re Here! is a very funny and utterly absurd hand-animated slapventure where you slap people, animals and things to help a bizarre little town prosper.

Taking place in the Yorkshire (Northern English) town of Barnsworth, in Thank Goodness You’re Here! you are a travelling salesman who’s been sent for a meeting with the mayor. However, the mayor isn’t ready for you so you go for a wander and meet the locals. It turns out quite a lot of them need you help, but your only form of interaction is to slap things. You can cause a good amount of destruction, but it turns out your slaps can also be used for good.

The demo tales around twenty minutes to play though and is an absolute riot from start to finish. This is thanks largely to the detailed environments that are packed full of sight gags, some hilarious set-pieces and witty dialogue delivered by real voice acting pros (including Matt Berry). The only thing at the moment is that they might want to tweak some of the subtitles a bit so that they stay up for longer (international audiences may struggle to understand the accents). Aside from that though, It’s a hilarious Yorkshire adventure packed full of slap happy goodness. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Thank Goodness You’re Here! Gameplay Video Here

Download The Thank Goodness You’re Here! Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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