The 6th and 13th Days: Cairalyn is Missing – Beta Download

The 6th and 13th Days: Cairalyn is Missing is a thoroughly bizarre first person horror adventure that sees you trapped in a strange nightmarish world full of giant eyeball monsters, dinosaurs and ghosts.

In The 6th and 13th Days: Cairalyn is Missing you find yourself trapped in an extremely weird, nightmarish world after your school bus drives over a bridge. It’s a world where you never know what to expect. For instance, within the first 15 minutes the game goes from being a haunted house horror game to a large open woodland filled with dead bodies, a massive Lovecraftian eyeball monster and a bloodthirsty dinosaur!

It’s a very weird, surreal and surprising game with some genuinely scary moments and a great sense of atmosphere. There are however some serious issues with the current build – most notably the on-screen clutter and the user interface which is incredibly obtuse and over complicated. For instance, most objects can be picked up by simply pressing “E”, but some objects require you to press “G” to switch to an alternate mode, then you grab them with the left mouse button and physically carry them in front of you to where they need to be (which can be a real pain over large distances). Also, the phone camera is an interesting touch, but it really needs to be simplified (At the moment you press “2” to take out the phone, then press the “C” key 3 times to orientate it right, the press “H” key once to take the photo and then press the “H” key again to return to camera mode.

There are quite a few more rough edges in The 6th and 13th Days: Cairalyn is Missing, but a lot of them (such as the weird robotic voices) give the game a Deadly Premonition-esque janky charm. It’s a promising horror game with lots of interesting ideas and a bizarre game world that’s anything but boring. If the dev manages to make the UI more accessible then it could be a whole lot of freaky fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The 6th and 13th Days: Cairalyn is Missing Beta Here (Windows)