The 7 Cents Deal – Game jam Build

The 7 Cents Deal is a cute little feline cahier simulator where cats pay with their lives that are within different sized bells and you have to give them the exact change within a time limit.

In The 7 Cents Deal you take on the role of a cashier (or catshier) at a shop where cute little cats come in to buy things with their lives. These lives are contained in their bells and they’re very valuable to them so you’d better get their change right! Also, if a cat comes in and tries to pay with all 7 of their lives then you are obliged to give them 7¢ in return (you don’t want any dead kitties in yoru shop).

It’s essentially a fairly simple fast paced math based puzzler, but the hand drawn artwork and endless succession of adorable little kitties mikes The 7 Cents Deal a fun little game. A charming cat check-out sim well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The 7 Cents Deal Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)