The 9th Charnel – Open Beta

The 9th Charnel is a first person survival horror adventure where you find yourself trapped in a valley that contains cosmic life.

In The 9th Charnel you and your colleagues were on their way to conduct research at a nearby wildlife sanctuary, but an incident caused your car to lose control and roll down into a valley. You now need explore, solve puzzles and use a mixture of steath and combat to deal with the cosmic monsters you encounter there.

The full version of The 9th Charnel will feature weapons and combat, but the current Beta focuses on the steath and puzzle elements. There are a few cheap jump-scares and some of the environments feel a little unfinished, but the visuals are great and it’s got a very tense atmosphere. The open Beta is live now, so jump in to be one of the 1st to play The 9th Charnel.

Join In The 9th Charnel Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)