The Abandoned Planet – Alpha Demo

The Abandoned Planet is a Sci-Fi point and click adventure that follows the story of an astronaut who crashes on a mysterious alien planet.

Drawing inspiration from classic Lucasarts and Sierra point and click adventures, The Abandoned Planet sees you discovering the mysteries of an alien planet that you crashland on after travelling through time in a wormhole. Initially there’s no sign of any inhabitants, but there do appear to be ruins of an ancient civilization – many of which contain puzzles you’ll need to solve to progress.

The Abandoned Planet’s demo features a sizable chunk of gameplay, with plenty of areas to explore and a nice selection of puzzles to solve. It plays much like a traditional point and click adventure, with you searching for useful items and figuring out how to use them to best effect. The lack of a visible on-screen character works quite well as it makes for a much faster paced experience (you don’t have to wait for your character to walk anywhere).

It’s a very promising point and click adventure with high quality pixel art visuals, an interesting setting and well designed puzzles that require a good bit of thought to solve (though you will have to scour areas for possible interactable objects you missed). See what you can discover on The Abandoned Planet!

Download The Abandoned Planet Alpha Demo Here (Steam)