The Abandoned – Prototype Download

The Abandoned is a creepy Shin Megami Tensei inspired RPG adventure where you fight freaky monsters in turn-based quick-time events.

In The Abandoned you find yourself mysteriously transported to a desecrated sanctuary that’s home to an assortment of grotesque monsters. The game plays a bit like a visual novel as you explore the world and talk to monsters, but switches to turn-based combat when you do battle. Interestingly, rather than RNG, the effectiveness of attacks and defence are reliant on your skill during QTEs, and each monster and ability has different types of QTEs to deal with.

The current build of The Abandoned is four years old (the developer has just released it now), but hopefully they continue to work on it as it shows a lot of promise. The main problem at the moment is that the health bars are too large, making each encounter feel like a war of attrition rather than an intense battle. Aside from that though it’s a great game with an intriguing setting, an inventive take on turn-based combat and some excellent monster designs. Hopefully we can return to The Abandoned’s weird world in the future!

Download The Abandoned Prototype Here (Windows)