The Absence of Is – Game Jam Build


Last year, Antholojam yielded an interesting and diverse turnout in game submissions. One such title, The Absence of Is, was developed by Ice Water Games. Previously, the developer released Eidolon that built enough of a foundation to keep this small studio going. The Absence of Is was adapted from the novel of the same name written by Jeffrey Klinicke, who is their in-house writer, and is an epic tale that finds the player at an intersection where fates intertwine.

As part of a team of researchers, the player’s job is to keep three others alive while they remain in a sort of stasis-like sleep, allowing them to take a dive into the afterlife and live it. The game plays in different scenarios: the main scenario serves as a sort of overworld, where the player constantly runs back and forth administering adrenaline and anesthetic to stabilize the other three researchers in their tanks.

Once at optimal stability, the computer screen for the respective character will prompt the player that they are ready to transmit visual data. Once activated, the game camera takes point on whatever character broadcast the visual feed. It is at this moment where the player is allowed to walk around these visions of the afterlife, examining different situations ranging in magnitude.

This alternating of game levels serves as an engaging mechanic, and keeps the player on their toes, maintaining the health of the other researchers until it’s time to dive into their visions. Adding to the strange, unique ambiance The Absence of Is creates, is the wonderfully-composed soundtrack by Michael Bell, the same composer behind the Eidolon OST.  It’s an impressive game, we can’t wait to see what they do with the full version.

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