The Adventures of Stumpy – GameJam Build

The adventures of stumpy

The Adventures of Stumpy is a game about a kid, like you and me.  Well, if we’d lost our limbs in a car accident and replaced them with assorted high powered weaponry anyway.

Stumpy is the main character of the game and as mentioned he lost all of his limbs. What better thing to do, then to replace your limbs with weapons and use the recoil on the weapons to move around? The Adventures of Stumpy, made for the Indies Vs Pewdiepie Jam, uses the recoil of weapons to guide Stumpy around simple platform-esque world. You will need to collect blood and ammo to stay alive and continue moving. Each limb; two arms and two legs, has a set number of ammo. If this ammo runs out, you’ll be unable to shoot out of that limb.  Stumpy is bleeding out, so in order to stay alive, he must find a source of blood. This means collecting blood bags or shooting zombies and drinking the blood dripping out of their severed bodies.

The world is not as safe as it seems. Giant spikes and blades stick out trying to kill Stumpy. Colliding with any of these dangers equals death. Over time, you will be able to unlock more weapons. These weapons can be switched out to any limb you choose. Some weapons are better as feet, making it easier to move, while others are better for destroying zombies. If you find all 11 levels of this game easy, then there is also a hardcore mode with a lower time limit that provides some more challenge to the game.

This beautiful, brutal and blood soaked action packed shooter provides some challenge in the way of movement, but with that challenge comes a very fun and addicting game.

Download The Adventures of Stumpy HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)