The Adventures of Yulpers! – Game Jam Build

The Adventures of Yulpers! is a charming Super Mario Bros-esque platforming adventure in which the more enemies and fruit you eat, the bigger you get!

In The Adventures of Yulpers! you take control of a cute little caterpillar-esque creature called Yulpers, who sets out on an adventure to stop his recently-turned-evil friend from doing evil deeds. What this means for you is that you make your way through a series of charming Mario-esque side scrolling levels whilst attempting to eat everything in sight!

Using your Yoshi-like tongue you can eat all the enemies, fruit and even fireballs. And everytime you eat something you fill up a segment of your body. When all of the segments in your body are full then another segment gets added to your body and your tongue gets a little bit longer. Your ever-extending body not only looks cool, but it also counts as your health bar – every time you get hit by an enemy then you lose a segment (but fall down a pit and you’ll lose it all).

The level design does get a bit stale after a while, but it’s great fun seeing just how big you can make Yulpers grow. Of course, the larger you get the harder it is to avoid enemies (particularly those damn jumping fish), but with a bit of care and a lot of eating you can grow to some massive lengths. How big can you make your hungry caterpillar?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Adventures of Yulpers! Here (Windows)