The Alpinist – Beta Download

The Alpinist Beta Download

The Alpinist is a beautiful contemplative mountain climbing adventure in which you explore caverns and scale cliffs as you get back to nature after a tragic event.

In The Alpinist you play a woman who sets off to scale a mountain and reminisce after a tragic event. You’re a seasoned alpinist and have all the equipment with you that you’ll need to reach the top – such as flares for seeing in dark caves, grappling hooks for swinging across gaps and a handy set of climbing picks that can allow you to scale almost any surface.

The only real dangers you’ll face as you climb the mountain are running out of stamina while climbing and a particularly aggressive eagle that harasses you for a short while. Other than that it’s a very relaxing experience as you clamber your way up the mountain at your own pace, enjoying the peace, the chilled out music score and the beautifully drawn scenery. A mellow and meditative mountain climbing adventure well worth scaling.

Note: Control Pad Required

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Alpinist Beta Here (Windows)