The Alters – Beta Demo

The Alters is a narrative-driven Sci-Fi survival adventure where you create alternate versions of yourself to build a crew that will help you escape an alien planet.

In The Alters your ship has crash-landed on an alien planet and you’re the only survivor. It’s a hostile place where even the rays of the sun can kill you, so you’ll need to be smart to survive and escape. You are a miner who doesn’t have the manpower or skills to do this alone, but there’s a mysterious substance on the planet that allows you to create alternate versions of yourself and put them to work for you.

The alternate versions of yourself are different because they made life-changing decisions in their lives – so one version may never have dropped out of college, another may have worked harder on their marriage. These life choices result in them having different skills and different personalities. Those personalities may clash, so you’ll need to try and manage them to keep your self-rescue mission on track. Working with yourself sure isn’t easy!

Download The Alters Beta Demo Here (Steam)