The Amazing American Circus – Open Beta

The Amazing American Circus is a single-player deck-building game with business management elements, which sees you running your very own circus as it travels across the Gilded Age of the USA.

In The Amazing American Circus you’ll build a circus empire as you travel through late 19th century America. Key to this is keeping the audience entertained, which you do in card duels between you and the audience. You need to use your cards (performers) to fight off their boredom, with you being sure to select cards that appeal to the audience’s mood. Different audiences will react differently to your acts – the deep South and the industrialized North have very different tastes.

As you travel across the USA you’ll gather more troupe members (from a selection of 170 hand illustrated cards) and upgrade your circus caravan. You’ll also come across violent crimes and social inequalities, and meet real historical characters like Nikola Tesla, John D. Rockefeller and Susan B. Anthony. By the end you’ll have a showdown with P.T. Barnum himself.

It’s a very unique take on the deck-building genre, with visually striking artwork and a very interesting setting. Sign up for the Beta to start building your troupe early!

Get The Amazing American Circus Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)