The Amazing Eternals – Beta Giveaway

We have another 2000 Beta keys to giveaway for The Amazing Eternals, Digital Extreme’s stylish new blend of first person hero shooting and collectible card gaming set within a Jumanji-esque board game.

As we mentioned during the last giveaway, The Amazing Eternals offers a unique mix of deck building and first person hero shooter gameplay, allowing you to customize your decks and use cards throughout matches. There’s a large selection of different cards, each of which can give you access to turrets, power-ups, traps and weapons that can dramatically affect how you play tduring matches.

Combined with the unique attributes of the heroes (or Eternals) the deck customization allows for a massive array of different play styles and strategies. It’s a fun game with a very cool retro-pulp Sci-Fi visual style and as it’s from the same development team as Warframe, you know it’s going to be supported well and constantly updated with new features throughout the game’s lifetime.

UPDATE: This Giveaway Has Now Closed

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    • Its ok i found out i already got key activated before an forgot about it. If anyones interested you can take this one. 0DC3-8903-4B25-0D2D

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