The Amazing Eternals – Beta Key Giveaway

the amazing eternals beta key giveaway

We Have 3500 Beta keys for The Amazing Eternals to giveaway – Digital Extremes’ (creators of Warframe) new blend of fast paced hero shooting and deck-building strategy.

As we mentioned before during the closed Beta sign up, The Amazing Eternals is a unique fusion of deck building and first person hero combat that takes place within a Zathura/Jumanji-esque board game that the players have been sucked into. Players inhabit the body of Eternals, each with their own skill sets, using them as their avatars in this strange world.

The world of The Amazing Eternals is made up of uniquely themed zones, ranging from the Wild West to a Flash Gordon-esque far future, all with a pulp Sci-Fi undercurrent to them. When used, the cards allow players to access a variety of power-ups, turrets, weapons and traps during matches. This infusion of collectible card game mechanics into the game allows players a huge variety of tactical options as they build their decks and create load-outs that can dramatically affect their play style.

It’s shaping up to be a great game, with fast paced combat, a very cool pulp Sci-Fi visual aesthetic and plenty of depth provided by the massive amount of possible loadouts. We have 3500 The Amazing Eternals Beta Keys to Giveaway! To claim your Key, simply complete any 2 actions in the widget below and your key will appear in the widget instantly.

UPDATE: This Giveaway Has Now Closed