The Ancients (GOATA) – Game Jam Build Download


The Ancients is a hybrid title that shows team-based combat in a different light, pitting players against each other in a race to get to the other side and wipe out the competition.

Speaking of competition, players are goats, vying for their god’s favor through combat. There are turrets set up on each side of the field, and an endless spawning of minions that conga line through the field to the other side. These minions are a great distraction for the opposing turrets or minions while the player tries to make it to the other side and destroy the other goat.

This basic concept is made more complex thanks to the destructible terrain. In a Terraria-style mechanic, players can collect and replace blocks in an attempt to terraform the battlefield or dig through to the other side via an underground tunnel system. Making it to the cave underneath has its rewards and dangers. Players will find chests beneath with bonuses, however a unique attribute belonging to the turrets is the ability to shoot through any solid object. If a player is attempting to sneak below the surface and they’re too close to a turret position, they can be fired upon, which will end their spelunking trip real quick.

The Ancients is a game rigged for replayability, and with the potential to host games with up to four players, there’s a lot to get out of this little TOJam title.

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Download the Ancients HERE (Win Only)