The Anything Gallery – Game Jam Build Download

The Anything Gallery is an infinite art gallery that uses Google’s search function to fill it’s procedurally generated walls with pictures of anything your heart desires!

Created for PROCJAM 2020, The Anything Gallery crafts an infinite art gallery that’s pictures that are related to whatever you type in at the start. It can be anything you like – type “cats” and your walls will be filled with furry felines, type “cars” and the walls will be lined with automobiles, type “boobs” and the walls will be filled with… well you get the drift! Most of the pictures come with a description and there are even little theatres where you can watch YouTube videos on the subject.

The Anything Gallery is pretty much infinite and as you explore it deeper then you’ll venture into wings of the museum that are dedicated to different subjects. Your initial search is the starting subject, but as you explore it branches off into different subjects – so you may start off with cats, then branch off into lions, then branch off into African animals, then branch off into African politics, etc.

It’s a very clever concept that allows you to wander round your very own personal museum dedicated to things that you like and dive down an infinite rabbit hole of interconnected things. See what you discover in this infinite magical mystery museum!

Download The Anything Gallery Here (Windows)