The Barber Shop – Student Project Game

The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop is a fun game that utilizes the awesome power of the Unreal Engine to simulate beard trimming in a charming old timey barber shop in the 1930’s.

Using a set of clippers and some cut-throat razors, you must trim your customers beards into the style they desire – no matter how bizarre.  You start off with simple styles, but as you progress, your customers will ask for more and more outlandish designs, such as ‘The Goat’ or ‘The Depp’.  Do a good job and you’ll be awarded good score and be rewarded with more money – which can be used for purchasing blinged up clippers and razors, as well as some snazzy capes for the customer to wear.

The attention to detail in the barber shop is fantastic, with a fully rendered 3D interior and a great authentic 1930’s soundtrack reminiscent of Fallout 3’s iconic music.  This creates a calming atmosphere in the game, making The Barber Shop a wonderfully relaxing place to hang out and trim beards (even when you’re screwing up the cuts!)

Note:  although you can upgrade your clippers, we really wouldn’t recommend it as it’s large and unwieldy, making precision particularly difficult.

Important Update:  Please bear in mind that this is a prototype project created by game development students.  It hasn’t been full optimised yet so won’t work on all systems (especially lower powered ones).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Barber Shop Here

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    • Hi! Unfortunately there may be some issues with the download do to the sudden influx of visitors (thanks Jacksepticeye!). Hopefully it will be fixed as soon as possible once the traffic dies down a bit. We apologise for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience! :)

      • Thank you! Was just about to ask as well, I saw it on Jack’s channel so it looked really cool to play for me. Was disappointed because it didn’t work. :( Now I know why haha. Can’t wait, the game looks so nice!

          • Oops, celebrated too early. WinRAR gives this fault: ”the file has an unknown size or is damaged” Any idea why?

          • Sorry, it’s still because the download servers are still taking a pounding from all the traffic. My only suggestion is that everyone waits a little while until things calm down. Things should hopefully settle down in a few hours. :)

          • Yeah İ know sorry about my excitement haha. Was just so hyped to play the game. But İ know why this fault is given to me. Because when it was downloading, and it was arond 60MB while the game is 500MB. İt was suddenly done, so that’s why the “unknown size” thing. Now the new download is going well, it is at 221 MB. Thanks for your help and everything!

        • Hi! Sorry I’m not sure if it works on 32 bit systems, we tested it on a 64 bit system. We don’t develop the games we feature at Alpha Beta Gamer, we just test them. If anyone knows if it works on a 32 bit system we’d love to hear back from you! :)

  1. Yes, I have a problem with the link aswell, but I came just from watching Jacksepticeye’s video aswell! :)

  2. Hey! i REALLY love the layout of the game. do you mind sending me pictures of the studio? (If you are the developer)

  3. I’m going to download this game tonight due to the overflow of people downloading it. BTW Jacksepticeye brought me here!

  4. whenever its done loading it has this come up createDXGIFactory1 could not somthin library
    Please help ill update this later :\

    • The game usually automatically adjust resolution to complement your native resolution. If this is not the case for you, there is also a pause menu where you can select a resolution. We have had instances where the above did not work however.
      To gain full control over resolution you can adjust a config file.
      Navigate to the game directory -> TBS -> Config
      You will find “DefaultGameUserSettings.ini” in the config directory (start the game at least once, to ensure this file is available).

      Adjust the Values in the following lines:

  5. Hey there, I’m a dev from the team that made this game. Thanks for leaving your thoughts.
    I’m not sure if you could consider this thing we’ve got going on a studio but check out the following pictures. They show one of our programmers and my workplace during the final stages of development for this build.
    Don’t judge, game development is hard :D

  6. @ET I’ll see if I can sort it out for you. If you could include a screenshot of the error message, that’d be great.

    • I just downloaded the game and I whent into the game and I clicked new game and it’s very laggy and the sound is also laggy

  7. Not sure why but this game is just not compatible with my system. it’s incredibly lagged and I can’t seem to make any cuts. I’m running a GTS 450 so I assume it’s my fault haha.

    Came here watching JackSepticEye so I know it’s a good game. Keep it up guys!

    • Thank You! Unfortunately, the awesomeness of the beard requires quite a bit of horse power :)
      We are working on making the game more compatible with lower end systems.
      Make sure to stay tuned for future releases.

  8. Please HELP I want to play this game so bad but it’s so fucking frustrating AHHHHH!!!

    I have no idea where im shaving because the mouse is gone and when it’s hard to shave. I always click out of the face. AND IT’S SOO FUCKING SLOW TO SHAVE, Takes 30 seconds for the shave to actually touch the guys face!

    Sorry for that. I am so raged right now!

  9. Hello Bro,I have the same problem, when I open the file, I get “the file has an unknown size or is damaged” I would like to play a lot, but i can’t.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Haha, hi Bro, something tells me you’re not the real PewDiePie! If you get the “the file has an unknown size or is damaged” error it’s because the download got cut off prematurely – this is usually as the servers are struggling with he high demand. If you download again then it should work. For best results it’s best waiting until off-peak times (when America is sleeping). Hope you get it working! :)

  10. Hello there! I tried to play the game, and I kept getting an error when I boot it up that reads: “The map specified on the commandline ‘/Game/TheBarberShop/Maps/MainMenuLevel’ could not be found. Exiting.”

    I downloaded it from the first link, and I had that problem, but I downloaded it from Dropbox instead and that fixed it! Just in case anyone else had that problem, and just to let the dev know. :)

    The game itself looks great, but I can’t seem to play it without MASSIVE frame rate drops. I’m willing to bet it’s just the fact that my computer’s super old, and not anything wrong with the game itself though.

  11. Hey there, the game looks and sounds awesome. Everyone who’s worked on it.has done a great job :) I’m having a little problem with the beard HUD (name, picture of style and name of style and ‘finish’ button). I’ve downloaded it a few times and each one has no beard HUD so I can’t progress at all. Any idea what could be up?

  12. This really feels like it could be a mini game in Bioshock Infinite! It’s really cool and the charas look great! I’m really excited to play this!

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