The Basement’s Calling – Game Jam Build

The Basement’s Calling is a creepy and cleverly crafted puzzle adventure game with fourth wall breaking elements, which sees you attempting to escape from a glitchy basement.

In The Basement’s Calling you find yourself trapped in a gloomy basement and must solve some puzzles to find a key to escape. As you play you’ll discover all is not what it seems though, things get glitchy and surreal, while the puzzles get much more complex…

The puzzles in The Basement’s Calling are a lot tougher than in most point and click adventures and will even require a notepad and knowledge of how to solve mathematical equations at one point. It’s got a great sense of atmosphere, with the grimy basement getting more glitchy and unsettling the further you delve into its mystery. Highly recommended, particularly if you like your puzzles to offer a real challenge.

Tips: The info in the “_please read me first.txt” file will come in handy. The game will ‘crash’ once, be sure to open it up again after.

Check Out a Full Gameplay Video Here

Download The Basement’s Calling Here (Windows)