The Beast Inside – Pre-Alpha Demo

The Beast Inside is a multi-layered first person survival horror adventure that brings the nightmares of the past to the present as a CIA cryptanalyst delves into an unsolved hundred year old murder-mystery.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2016, The Beast Inside looks set to deliver a cerebral and scary survival horror adventure. In the game you take on the role of two protagonists set in time periods more than a hundred years apart – Adam and Nicholas. Adam is a CIA cryptanalyst during the Cold War, who has just moved to a large country house with his wife. As he’s moving things in he comes across the diary of Nicholas – a man who used to live in the same house during the Civil War. As Adam delves into the mysteries of the past he risks pulling century old nightmares into the present.

The current demo build of The Beast Inside features the first two chapters of the game and takes around an hour to play through. It’s got a large semi-open world that allows you to wander around the grounds of your property and explore inside the house. The environment is incredibly well detailed, with you able to pick up, examine and move nearly any object you come across. Also, everything has realistic physics, giving a nice sense of physicality to the game world.

The first chapter sees you moving into the idyllic looking new house with your wife, solving a few puzzles and discovering Nicholas’ diary. The second chapter takes place at night time and is much darker, with you managing light sources, searching for useful items and dealing with an unwelcome visitor.

It’s a very impressive game with high quality visuals, great audio design, a very physical game world, cleverly crafted puzzles and some genuinely terrifying moments. There are jump scares, but they’re well done and it’s a very cerebral and atmospheric take on the survival horror genre. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Beast Inside Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)