The Behind The Beyond – Pre-Alpha Download

The Behind The Beyond is a futuristic 3rd person shooter with a focus on long range combat and an intriguing narrative in which you’re unsure of who or what you are and are sent on a mission by a mysterious being.

In The Behind The Beyond you don’t know if you’re human, dead, a cyborg, a robot or just hallucinating. You wake up and are greeted by a being who uploads a mission to your brain chip and sends you off on a mission to upload a virus in a heavily armed military base.

The current Pre-Alpha build of The Behind The Beyond features one large level which takes around 15 minutes to complete. It’s no run and gun shooter – if you rush into combat than you’ll be taken out pretty quickly. It’s much better to pick off enemies from a distance, especially as your gun is surprisingly accurate. Thankfully, your health does regenerate slowly and it’ll be topped up a bit once you reach checkpoints too.

The Behind The Beyond is still very early in development so does have quite a few bugbears – It can be hard to know where you’re supposed to be going, the AI is a bit dumb, there are quite a few invisible walls and your gun doesn’t allow for much versatility during combat. Your gun is effective over very long distances, but when you’re using it, you’re always thinking “I wish I had a sniper rifle” and if you try and get up close and personal with the enemy then they’ll quickly dispatch you. A selection of close, medium and long range weaponry could help fix this though.

It has quite a few rough edges, but there’s a lot of potential in The Behind The Beyond. Some of the visual design is very impressive (particularly once you get into the base), the long range combat is fun once you get the hang of it and the narrative is very intriguing. All the more impressive is the fact that it’s being developed by just one person. A very promising Sci-Fi shooter well worth checking out.

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Behind The Beyond Pre-Alpha Here (Windows)