The Ben Wander Murder Collection – Alpha Demo

ben wander murder collection

The Ben Wander Murder Collection, a stylish murder mystery adventure, has you attempting to get to the bottom of the murder of late Mr. Stables – a businessman and pillar of the community.

You are a private investigator who is looking to solve the mysterious death of Mr. Stables, a charitable man. He suddenly died in his sleep yesterday, seemingly a suicide, which would make sense since his daughter had died six months earlier. The butler, a loyal man, feels that there is foul play here. So you must go to his penthouse, look around and collect clues, and interview the butler. You can also explore the items you carry on your person, giving you a bit of insight into your backstory and throwing up some useful clues that may help solve the murder.

This current Alpha Demo is short, containing a simple story and a mystery that can be solved in a few minutes, but the visuals and writing are expertly crafted – offering up a great taste of things to come. The full game is going to have more focus on traveling around San Francisco to solve various mysteries and discover the intertwining connections between them.

We can’t wait to see more of The Ben Wander Murder Collection – a super slick and stylish murder mystery well worth keeping an eye on.

Download The Ben Wander Murder Collection Here (Win & Mac)