The Big Book of Riddles – Student Project Game

The Big Book of Riddles is a darkly humorous little narrative driven puzzle game where you attempt to answer the right answers in a riddle book while being guided through it by a melancholic narrator.

In The Big Book of Riddles you’re presented with a book that’s full of pop-up scenes which the narrator will then ask you a riddle about – such as “A woman is running a marathon. She passes the person in second place, what place is she in now?”. The riddles themselves aren’t too tricky and you may have heard some of them before, but the narrator’s take on each riddle adds an extra layer of (mildly depressing) depth to each one.

It’s a fun little game with a great premise and excellent voice acting. There are a couple of frustrating moments when you’re forced to select the wrong answer (even if you know the right one), but it’s not really about the riddle, it’s more about the narrator and his hilariously grim outlook on life. A big book of riddles well worth opening up.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Big Book of Riddles Here (Windows)