The Big Elk – Alpha Demo

the big elk

The Big Elk, a game being created by anatoliy, is a beautifully designed and wonderfully quirky top down shooter that takes place in a tiny forest that you call home.

You play as an elk, who on his way home from school had noticed a catastrophic event. Evil has invaded his homeland and now it’s up to him to take back his forest before the evil claims it as its own and destroys everything he loves. With your trusty sidekick by your side you set out on an epic adventure to cleanse the forest of all the evil that lurks through the tall trees and purge it all from existence.

The Big Elk is exceptionally well put together, mixing elements from old school top down shooters, an awesome soundtrack and little splashes of humour all over the forest floor. The tutorial stage is very helpful for new players (as the control scheme and gameplay mechanics can be a little confusing at first) and helps you get the basics down before you go out and take on the evil that is all over the forest. Once you get the hang of things, it’s a very impressive game, with great pixel art animation, quirky characters and fun top down shooting gameplay that requires a little tactical nouse.  Grab your gun, and your companion and get set to have an Elk of a time.

Check Out The Big Elk’s Greenlight Page Here

Download The Big Elk Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)