The Big Red Button – Game Jam Build Download

the big red button

The Big Red Button is a short and silly game in which you must answer riddles and persuade a smart ass self-aware bomb (called Bob) not to blow up!

After rather stupidly pressing an ominous big red button, it’s up to you to undo your actions and diffuse a bomb.  Unfortunately for you it’s not going to be as simple as cutting some wires or pushing the ‘off’ switch.  This bomb is sentient (and loves to belittle your intelligence), and will only deactivate if you answer its devious riddles via a text based command system.

With a playthough lasting just a few minutes, genuinely funny dialogue and different endings depending how well you did, The Big Red Button is well worth calling out the bomb squad for.

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Bomb Got You Stumped? Check Out A Playthough HERE (Contains Spoilers)

Download The Big Red Button HERE