The Blade in the Bark – Student Project Download


The Blade in the Bark is a creepy, narrative-driven action adventure in which you explore a dark land where trees talk and vicious monsters roam, and you wield a magical sword that only exists in the moonlight.

In The Blade in the Bark you play a heroine who has found herself trapped in a forsaken realm of eternal night after being summoned there by an ancient tree-being who asks her to be his champion against the darkness. It’s a punishingly tough game, with you only able to take a couple of blows before you die and enemy attacks that can be lightning fast. To make things even tougher, your weapon only exists when you’re standing in the light, so if you’re ever in the shadows (which is a lot of the time) then you’re pretty much defenceless. You do have a roll/dodge move though, which really comes in handy and will save your life more than a few times throughout the adventure.

The artwork and audio in The Blade in the Bark is superb, conveying a deep sense of dread as you explore deeper into the woods – especially thanks to the high stakes combat that can see you easilyperish if you make one silly mistake. A tense and beautiful nocturnal adventure well worth checking out.

Note: Head on attacks against the wolves are suicide. Roll out of the way and attack from the side.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

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