The Blind Prophet – Kickstarter Demo

The Blind Prophet is a dark, bloody and stylish narrative driven point and click adventure where you take on the role of an apostle, sent on a mission by God to protect humans from the corruption of demons.

In The Blind Prophet you follow the story of Bartholomeus, an apostle who is on a divine mission to rid the world of the corruption of demons. You find yourself in the turgid city of RotBork, and start your hunt for the great evil that is rotting it from within. You’ll need to search for clues, follow suspects and solve puzzles to progress. Not being of this world, your actions and conversational tone can be a bit brash an inconsiderate, but you may find some who will aid your quest.

The Kickstarter Demo build features a sizeable chunk of gameplay and allows you to explore a lot of the grimy city of RotBork. There are a few grammatical errors during conversations (most likely due to mistranslation), but other than that it’s off to a very impressive start. The graphic novel styled artwork looks fantastic, the puzzles are suitably challenging, the UI works well and it strikes a satisfyingly dark and mature tone. Things are going to get pretty messy (and bloody) as you do God’s work on the streets of RotBork.

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Download The Blind Prophet Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)