The Body Changer – Alpha Demo

The Body Changer

The Body Changer is a 3D action adventure with an innovative character-switching control system, space-zombies and original puzzle design.

Set in a hostile space-station, gameplay revolves around a unique character swapping system, which allows you to directly control drones with unique skill-sets which will help you solve the games inventive puzzles.  You’re a SynB, a drone who must clear the space-station of all the hostile infected clones (space zombies!), activating new types of SynB to overcome obstacles and aid your progress.

You’ll use weaponry and the environment to defeat the infected clones.  While there is some gunplay, it’s definitely more of a puzzler than an out-and-out action shooter.  It’s a satisfyingly cerebral space-station body swapper!

Download the Free Alpha Demo or Purchase the Full Alpha HERE or via Desura HERE