The Box – Game Jam Build Download

The Box

The Box, a game created by Squeemish for the GDC Game Jam, is a simplistic, short and surprising, adventure of a very mysterious box of awesome.

The Box is one of those games that evolves the more you play it. Starting at as a stationary box that has just mysteriously fallen from the skies above, you must use your mouse to activate this mysterious box and discover why it fell from the sky to begin with. Once you work it out, an epic adventure begins full of awesome designed mini games that lead up to a fantastic finale.

The Box features some incredibly immersive music, to a point that you slowly become attached to this strange Inanimate object. Beautiful colours, relaxing music fused with ambient sound FX and a beautiful story make The Box a fantastic entry into the GDC Game Jam that packs plenty of surprises into it’s short playtime.

Download or Play The Box Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)