The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation – Alpha Demo

The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation is a Taiwanese folklore inspired horror game, where a group of students are stalked by a vengeful ghost after they turn her story into a haunted attraction.

Road to Salvation is an adaptation of the 2020 Taiwanese horror film The Bridge Curse (currently on Netflix), which itself is inspired by a story from Taiwanese folklore. It tells the tale of six university students who are planning to make a haunted house-esque haunted attraction based on the urban legend of a female ghost that haunts a bridge at the Tunghu University. Unfortunately for them this actually ends up unleashing the ghost upon them and now they’ll have to put things right before they’re horribly murdered.

The demo build of The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation features a mixture of stealth, exploration and puzzle solving. The puzzle section is a little weird, the pacing is a little slow and the dialogue has some serious translation issues, but visually it’s very impressive and when the ghost does make an appearance it’s incredibly creepy. It has a lot of potential and some interesting ideas that could be a lot of fun – such as the mention of your character planning to livestream later on in the game (which could throw up some fun UI elements such as chat from viewers on-screen). As it stands it’s rough around the edges, but definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of asian horror.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation Alpha Demo Here (Steam)