The Building 71 Incident – Student Game Download

The Building 71 Incident is an intense and atmospheric VHS styled found footage first person horror game where you investigate a Brazilian university building where people have mysteriously disappeared.

In The Building 71 Incident you are viewing the VHS footage recorded by an employee who broke into a Brazilian university to investigate reports of suspicious activities. The building had already been closed for a year due to allegations of a gas leak, but it appears that something much darker was going on there. Several people have been reported missing and the building seems to be inhabited by a mysterious cult…

It’s a very well crafted horror game that focuses on narrative and atmosphere instead of cheap jump scares. It does a great job of using environmental storytelling to weave its tale and the sense of dread really amps up as you switch between each location. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Building 71 Incident Here (Windows)