The Bunny Graveyard – Beta Demo

The Bunny Graveyard is a cute and creepy episodic pixel art horror adventure where a bunny uncovers a dark secret about her existence.

In the full game of The Bunny Graveyard you’ll follow the story of Skye, a young bunny who must overcome her fear of the dark as she searches for her missing brother in the streets of Carrot Town. The demo build of The Bunny Graveyard serves as a bit of a prequel to the full game and follows a glove as it uncovers a dark mystery at the heart of the seemingly cheerful Rabbit Garden.

As a newcomer to the Rabbit Garden you learn the ropes and play a few fun little minigames. Everybody seems friendly and the garden feels very wholesome, but it’s not long before things start to take a sinister turn…

With regards to the plot, you’ll be left with more questions than answers by the end of The Bunny Graveyard’s demo, but you’ll be dying to learn more. There are lots of inventive little touches, it’s got a wonderfully wholesome horror vibe and the pixel art animation is superb. Highly recommended.

Check Out A The Bunny Graveyard Gameplay Video Here

Download The Bunny Graveyard Beta Demo Here (Steam)