The Call – Game Jam Build


The Call, a mysterious, finger-contorting platformer made for the Rainbow Jam ‘16, has you going deeper and deeper into a randomly generated house collecting all the letters of the alphabet, which change your direction controls to the letters you pick up.  Forget WASD controls, The Call has ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQWSTUVWXYZ controls!

You have decided to enter a spooky house, looking for whatever lurks inside of it. In this huge house, you will find loads of scrolls each with a letter on it. At the top of the screen, you will see two scrolls. These scrolls each have a letter on it and point in the direction that the letter will move the character. Picking up new scrolls will replace the current one you have, causing you to use that new key to move. As you collect all of the scrolls in the alphabet, the bottom of your screen will light up with each letter you get.

As you go deeper into the house, the more challenging it becomes to keep up with the changing movement keys and collecting the scrolls. The environment around you will also change as you get deeper – getting darker and creepier. When the environment changes strange sentences that you may not be able to understand will flash up on the screen. You can collect all the letters of the alphabet, but make sure you collect the letters you can reach before moving onto new areas as you won’t be able to go back. Soon, your only option will be to go down.

It’s great fun wrestling with the controls and making your way down through the depths of The Call.  A clever little game that’ll stretch your fingers and confuse with its controls as you seek the letters and attempt to discover what lurks down in the darkness.

Play The Call Here (Browser)

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