The Cat in the Hijab – Game Jam Build Download

The cat in the hijab game

The Cat in the Hijab, a short but meaningful game made for the #ResistJam, has you playing a cat wearing a hijab (an Islamic head scarf) on the subway and conversing with some ignorant commuters about your attire.

In The Cat in the Hijab you play a cat on her daily commute to work. You take the subway to get to work, one that is not too packed but does have some other cats onboard. Most of the time you can ride the subway in peace, or attempt to talk to others around you, however sometimes unpleasant or ignorant cats come to talk to you.

These cats question your hijab, or make bold statements about you because of it. You are able to respond to them, as long as you choose a choice before the timer runs out. These choices you make change the conversation depending on what you pick. You can choose to try to talk to people so they understand the purpose of a hijab, ignore them, or just be rude back.

After a long journey, you can choose what you’d do if someone else was in a similar situation. This train journey is what you make of it – many people have faced similar situations, now you can put yourself directly in their shoes. A cute little game that’s packed with meaning.

Download The Cat in the Hijab Here (Win, Mac, & Linux)