The Cave God – Game Jam Build

The Cave God is a funny little game where you search for sacrifices in the darkness to appease a cave god (or to piss it off).

In The Cave God you find yourself trapped in a dark cave at the with a cave god who will grant you light (and occasionally stars) in exchange for sacrifices. The light that the god grants you allows you to venture deeper into the cave, grab nicer sacrifices and eventually even find a way out. However, depending on what you sacrifice you may also anger the god and they’ll take away some light (or if you don’t earn your lesson even bump you off).

It’s a simple, but fun little game with a great sense of humor and a nice selection of offerings to appease or anger the cave god with. It only takes a few minutes to play through, but there are three different endings to find, each of which is pretty funny so it’s worth playing through multiple times to find them!

Play The Cave God Here (Browser)