The Chemist – Alpha Demo

The Chemist is a back-alley chemist simulator that sees you knocking up all manner of dodgy concoctions from your crappy, garbage-filled apartment and selling them for a profit!

In The Chemist you take control of a shady chemist who mixes chemicals in their apartment and sells them to companies for a profit. This is easier said than done though as there are quite a few intricacies to learn to become a successful (and profitable) chemist.

In the game you accept contracts to make different types of substances, such as Whipped Cream, Oven Cleaner of Mold Remover, then must attempt to create them in your ramshackle apartment. Each thing you’re required to make has a list of ingredients and a preferred composition of properties such as flammability and smell. You must buy the ingredients then mix them up in your flasks, package them and sell them for a profit.

There’s quite a lot to learn about concocting your chemical s so it’s highly recommended to play through the Tutorial first. Once you’ve figured out the basics it’s still quite a challenge getting the correct compositions of your chemicals – you’ll need a steady hand and a good eye for mixing to make any profits in this chemical concoction simulator.

Note: Playing the tutorial is highly recommended.

Download The Chemist Alpha Demo Here (Windows)