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The chosen

The Chosen is an ambitious open-world online RPG with FPS and strategy elements that allows players to choose their own path between light and darkness, exploring a vast, persistent universe, discovering new civilisations, forging alliances and taking part in epic battles.

The Alpha Demo is single player only, but serves as a nice taster of what the finished game will feel like.  It starts off with a slightly clunky handling, but well written section with you floating around in zero-gravity, with things picking up pace once you get your feet on the ground. As you explore the damaged ship your AI will assist you learning the ropes. Although you’re stranded on a damaged spaceship, full of nasty mutants, your character seems remarkably upbeat about the situation (although it may be the painkillers talking), leading to some pleasantly humorous dialogue between yourself and the AI.  The Demo even features two different endings, depending on the choices you make throughout.

Currently early in development, the finished massively multiplayer online game will feature a huge sprawling galaxy for you to explore full of mysteries, new civilisations and rich lore. You’ll be able to build and customise your own ship, hi-jack enemy ships, voice chat with NPCs and trade in a player driven ecomomy.

It’s an impressive project and sounds a lot like what we were promised from Destiny.  The single player Alpha Demo shows off some solid foundations for The Chosen, if the developers can bring this level of innovation, wit, graphical prowess and gameplay to the online multiplayer, this could be something rather special.

Check out a gameplay video highlighting the impressive voice functionality HERE

Download the Alpha Demo HERE

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