The City Goes Dark: Litterally – Game Jam Build

The City Goes Dark: Litterally is a rage-inducingly tough first person auto-running parkour platformer that sees you attempting to outrun the darkness that’s consuming the city.

In The City Goes Dark: Litterally (yes we know it’s spelled “literally”), you are tasked with making your way through a city that’s being enveloped by a deadly darkness due to issues with the power supply. You must use your running, jumping, wall-running and double jumping skills to navigate the cityscape and stay ahead of the darkness that’s chasing you.

The City Goes Dark: Litterally is a VERY tough game that keeps throwing obstacles at you that look impossible at first glance and take some time to master. The keyboard only control scheme is a little odd and takes a little getting used to, but once you get to grips with it you can pull off some pretty incredible feats of agility (but you’ll still die a LOT!).

As tough as it is, it’s a fun and strangely addictive game, with that all important “just one more go” factor that makes you think that you’ll make it past that near-impossible obstacle the next time. Will you outrun the darkness?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Game Here (Windows)