The Cleansing – Alpha Sign Up

The Cleansing Alpha Sign Up

The Cleansing is a great looking new competitive Syndicate-esque blend of real time strategy and action RPG gaming in which players assemble a party of heroes, equip them with gear and weaponry then take them out and fight for survival in a feudal post apocalyptic world.

The Cleansing draws inspiration from the original Syndicate games and the pen and paper role playing game Mutant, as you control a crack team of heroes in mutant-filled post apocalyptic wasteland where humanity has almost perished. You build your team of five from a choice of over thirty heroes that belong to five different classes – Ranger, Recruit, Highborn, Brainer and Nomad, with you able to fully customise their load out and upgrade their skills as they progress.

Throughout the matches players attempt to capture territories to gain resources while commanding their team in fast paced real time combat and using the environment to their advantage. It’s a fun looking game that looks set to offer squad based real time strategy with fast paced combat, snazzy visuals and plenty of depth. Sign up for the Alpha to assemble your squad early and kick some mutant ass.

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To Sign Up for the The Cleansing Alpha, Just Email the Devs at & Tell Them We Sent You!