The Clock That Stopped – Game Jam Build

The Clock That Stopped is a stylish little first person puzzler that’s fondly reminiscent of The Witness and sees you solving puzzles as you attempt to fix a broken clock tower.

The clock tower of your town has broken, causing the town to grind to a halt. You need to explore the surrounding area and solve puzzles to find the parts required to fix the clock and get the town going again.

The puzzle and world design of The Clock That Stopped is clearly inspired by The Witness, with each series of puzzles linked together and each new puzzle being a slightly more complex iteration of the last. There are four main types of different puzzle and each one does a good job of teaching you the rules as you complete them, allowing you to figure out the more complex ones you encounter later on.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, it’s a fun little puzzler with a great visual style and a nice selection of inventive puzzles to solve. None of the puzzles get as complex or as mindblowing as in The Witness, but Jonathan Blow had years to work on his masterpiece, The Clock That Stopped was created in just a few days. A great little puzzle adventure well worth checking out.

Download The Clock That Stopped Here (Windows)