The Cold Remains of Warmer Days – Game Jam Build

The Cold Remains of Warmer Days, a surreal experimental game made for the last three Ludum Dares, sees you dealing with the loss of someone you love, who has moved onto a new relationship.

The third game in a trilogy of experimental games, The Cold Remains of Warmer Days sees you playing through scenes that relate to different aspects of being broken up with. The game doesn’t tell you what to do in each scene, instead you experiment and try to figure things out yourself. Your previous memories with your ex-partner are packed away, like notes sealed in a bottle. Your memories are pushed down, as you attempt more normal tasks.

You end up planting flowers, writing, seeing new people, coping. But, you still have these issues that you’ve been dealing with, bottled up. Things get worse before they get better. Life becomes more challenging, you can no longer write, you need to unpack these feelings you have bottled up and deal with them – turn them into something more positive.

The Cold Remains of Warmer Days is a beautiful, bizarre and thought provoking experience.  You watch the love of your life leave your life, and deal with the colder days that follow through its visually captivating abstract scenes. Deal with a broken heart in this fascinating piece of interactive art.

Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download Cold Remains of Warmer Days (& Previous 2 Games in the Series) Here