The Con Simulator – Alpha Download

The Con Simulator features an interesting combination of card-based tabletop strategy and business simulation as you attempt to build your own Anime convention empire.

In The Con Simulator you aim is to organise popular and profitable Anime conventions, complete with booths, stages, catering and utilities. You purchase venues then fill them with your attraction and hire staff such as guards, cleaners and cosplayers – being sure to map out their routes through the convention to maximize their usefulness.

It’s not particularly hard to turn a profit in the real-time management phase of each convention, but there are three other AI controlled convention planners that you’re competing against. You’ll see them in the turn based card-strategy phase that takes place between conventions, during which you can draw and play cards that will (hopefully) increase the quality and popularity of your next convention. These turn based card strategy sections are a little confusing at the moment, but they show promise and it’s a unique twist to the traditional real-time management sim gameplay.

It’s a promising game that offers a unique fusion of CCG and management sim gameplay. The CCG elements take a little time to wrap your head around, but they add a nice layer of randomness and strategy to the proceedings. The artwork is excellent throughout too – making putting together your own little Anime conventions a joy. Can you plan the perfect convention?

Download The Con Simulator Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)