The Confrontation – Beta Download


The Confrontation is an interesting new card based digital board game that pits light versus shadow in tactical turn based combat with your opponents forces hidden and a large emphasis on the asymmetry of the forces.

Played in tactical 1 on 1 matches,  Shadow is pitted against Light with opposing objectives – Light must sneak their Prince to the Shadow Stronghold, while Shadow must defeat the Prince or move 3 characters into the Light Capital.  Players place their mythical creatures and heroes on the map, ensuring that they place them in the best positions for their attributes, then wage war in strategic, turn based combat.

There is a heavy emphasis on unit asymmetry in The Confrontation – most units can be vanquished in an instant by the correct corresponding unit (even the toughest ones).  To this end, ‘shuffling’ your placed cards is very important, as once your opponent knows what unit is deployed where, it’s very easy to send in the appropriate unit to neutralise it.

There is a steep learning curve to The Confrontation as you get to grips with each units strengths and weaknesses, but it’s worth sticking with as it feels a lot more strategic and less chance based than most typical card based games.  An intelligent digital card/board game well worth confronting.

Download The Confrontation Beta HERE (Win & Mac)