The Cool Biker Game With A Temporary Name – Alpha Download

the cool biker game with temoprarily no name

The Cool Biker Game With a Temporary Name is a badass biker racing game with tons of customisation options, procedurally generated levels and lots of Road Rash-style violence.

It’s a fun arcade racer where you race against (and beat up) a selection of larger than life characters (including bears) on a selection of procedurally generated highways while listening to Trash Metal.  As well as the standard Arcade racing, there’s a nice range fun gamely modes, including a Mario Kart-Style ‘Moustache Mode’ with some ridiculous power-ups, ‘Long Jump’ and ‘Off-road Tree Slalom’.

It’s an Arcade Racer that all about the fun, revelling in it’s own silliness.  The Cool Biker Game With a Temporary Name does have a name, it’s name is ‘Fun’.

Check out the Greenlight page HERE

Check out the IndieGoGo campaign HERE

Download or Play the Alpha in a Unity Supported Browser HERE