The Cow Flew Over The Moon – Prototype

the cow flew over

The Cow Flew Over The Moon is a creepy and surreal first person experimental adventure game with a story based on the stimulus of dream interpretation.

The game has a foreboding atmosphere, with its vague narrative left open to the player’s imagination, giving half the story through the level progression and leaving the rest for the player to piece together by inspecting and interacting with the environment.  In it’s short 15 minute playtime, you’ll explore, search for items and solve puzzles to help you find out what’s really going on.

The Cow Flew Over The Moon shows a lot of promise – an atmospheric, short and surreal adventure.  Development has been halted, but we’d certainly like to see more from developer @JonnyWallaceP, who also created the very cool Radical Squad.

Visit the Official Website & Watch a Gameplay Trailer HERE

Download or Play in a Unity Supported Browser HERE (right click for full screen)