The Crash – Game Jam Build Download

The Crash is a stylish and creative roguelite survival adventure where you gather resources, explore and fight bandits as you fly your plane across the Atlantic in your dreams.

Created for the Global Game Jam 2022, in The Crash you have unfortunately crashed your aeroplane in a remote wilderness. Each day you search the surrounding woodland (in first person) and scavenge resources before you fall asleep by the campfire. These resources are then used in your dreams, where your plane makes a journey across the Atlantic in a top-down pixel art roguelite adventure. Each of the different types of resources has a different use, such as dice which are rolled during turn-based combat with bandits or to decide the outcome of special events.

The Crash features a very inventive mixture of game styles that works remarkably well. It’s quite a chilled out take on the roguelite genre and the visuals are fantastic. There are some great little touches throughout too, such as the way your view slowly narrows to signify that night is setting in and you need to return to the campsite. Highly recommended.

Download The Crash Here (Windows)