The Creepy Syndrome – Beta Demo

The Creepy Syndrome is a retro horror game anthology that tells the stories of a disturbed mind while being analysed by a rather unsettling psychiatrist.

In The Creepy Syndrome you find yourself sat in front of a psychiatrist whose method of analysing you is to make you play a series of disturbing retro horror games. The visual styles of the four different games range from 1-bit to 8-bit (and even a green-hued Game Boy). They all have very different stories, but each of them has meaning, especially with regards to the choices you make within them.

The demo build of The Creepy Syndrome features the beginning of two of the four horror games – The Lord of the Road and The Red Button. The lord of the Road is a very unsettling FAITH-esque 8-bit open world horror adventure where a detective investigates a remote wasteland after a series of murders in the area. The Red Button is an 8-bit point and click adventure where you’re tasked with pushing a red button in a mysterious underground facility.

It’s shaping up to be an excellent horror game anthology with interesting stories, well crafted retro visuals and an unsettling feeling that your psychiatrist host is analysing you all the time. Of the two games on show The Lord of the Road is the highlight, but they’re both very promising games with an uncanny Twilight Zone-esque atmosphere and some very creepy moments. Highly recommended.

Download The Creepy Syndrome Beta Demo Here (Steam)