The Dance Floor Is Lava – Game Jam Build

The Dance Floor Is Lava is a fast paced rhythm-action game that sees you moving to the beat to avoid the moving pools of lava on the floor.

In The Dance Floor Is Lava your aim is to collect coins and guide your happy little dancing hero though maze-like dance floors that are covered in lava. There are three dance floors to make your way through, each with their own midi-based song to accompany it (including covers of ELO’s Mr Blue Sky and Earth, Wind & Fire’s September), and in each one the tiles alternate between being safe and covered in molten lava along with the beat of the song. You need to time your movements with the beat of the songs to try to avoid being burned to death.

It’s a fun little game with charming pixel art animation, addictive gameplay and an infectious midi soundtrack. It’s pretty tough though – you’ll need a real sense of rhythm to survive these lava-filled dance floors!

Download or Play The Dance Floor Is Lava Here (Windows & Browser)